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The Round Rock Chapter of the GPAA. Good folks having fun.

Meetings are held every 3rd Saturday each month starting at 1pm. Click here for directions.


Map to the "Slab" in Kingsland

Map to Malcom Long's Fish and Digs

"A Tribute to Joe"

"A Tribute to H.D."

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News and Updates 

Please use your "refresh" button to download the latest news. Last update: 8-20-23.

SEPTEMBER MEETING CANCELED  Due to schedule conflicts, we are canceling our September meeting.

FALL HALLIBURTON OUTING   This years fall outing will be held October 6-8. See our "Events" page for outing details.

NEW CHAPTER OFFICERS FOR 2023-2024   We elected some old and new members to the board. Check our "Email Us" link above left for the new crew.

NEW PICTURES AND VIDEO ON FACEBOOK  Check our Facebook page for pictures of the 2019 Fall Halliburton Outing pictures! New ground was prospected and an amazing amount of fines was found.

RRGPAA FACEBOOK PAGE HAS BEEN UPDATED  A special thanks to Mason and Samantha for putting this all together. Click here for the link. There is also a new permanent link above.

NEW PICTURES OF TEXAS GOLD  See our "TX Gold" page for our newest additions.

RRGPAA T SHIRTS AND HATS NOW AVAILABLE!!!  T Shirts can be purchased at our monthly meetings and events. Price is $20 per shirt and hats are $20 each. We are out of XL shirts and are waiting for shirt supplies to come back to the manufacturers..

NEW SHOWS ON PROSPECTINGCHANNEL.COM  Joey Wilson has just released the new "Mineral Expedition" series with 3 new shows. Watch them here.  He has also released a new show on "How to Build and Use a Gold Suction Tube". Watch episode here.

GOLD FOUND IN TEXAS!   I want to thank all of you for sending me pictures of your Texas gold and have created a new page showing off your finds. Click on the "TX Gold" link to the left to see what has been found. If you want your find added, send your pictures along with details on how and where you found it to .

EMAIL UPDATE NOTICE  We are currently compiling a 2023 members e-mail list.  If you have not entered your e-mail address to our database,  please follow this link.


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