August 2003 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

 1. Opening of meeting

 2. Treasurer's Report

 3. Grady talked about tee-shirts and buying panning trough

 4. July minutes were read

 5. Consensus to hold off on membership drive until around March 2004

 6. Held voting on chapter logo

 7. Report from Earl Theiss, Claims Committee Chairman

a. Outing Labor Day weekend - bring equipment

b. Passed around a vial of gold from the May outing

c. We have a permit on a claim- 13,000 feet by 1000 feet or approximately

    180 miles

d. Do not cross purple property lines located along the sides of our claim

 8. Voted on going to the Glenrose gem show and the chapter funds going broke due

     to fees, or concentrate on outings for us. Outcome is to not go to Glenrose gem

     show in October. Instead, we will hold an outing/meeting at Long's October 17,

     18 and 19, 2003. James Spiller motioned; Joe Riccardelli seconded the motion.

 9. Grady will call owner of Roadside Productions for feasibility of setting up booths

     at Pecan Street Festival and the corresponding Christmas thing they have.




10. New meeting location: 6:00 - 8:00pm, September 20, 2003 at Rio Grande

      Mexican Restaurant, l722 N. Mays. Past HEB on 79 and Mays before next light

      in strip center to the left.

11. Duane Arnold is the winner of our logo design

a. Want pockets on tee-shirts

12. Discussed accruing and equipment rental for chapter members

13. Mentioned Joe Riccardelli will make a board in the shape of Texas for chapter

      pictures to be mounted on

14. Grady is still working on outing video

15. Members can use Spiral Wheel, Blue Bowl and Desert Fox for $5.00 for

      concentrates at outings.

16. is the El Paso chapter. We have been invited to use

      their private claims in El Paso and New Mexico.






Randy Asterman - Garrett Metal Detector pouch

Wes Barger - Garrett Metal Detector pouch

Mike Kirkpatrick- Black l0 lz concentrate pan

Harold Schullenberger- Black Sands video

James Spiller- Vial of gold

Lonnal Wilhelm - 10" gravity trap pan - Redonated

Won by Royce Pinkston - Redonated

Won by Joe Riccardelli - Redonated

Won by Wes Barger who took it home

Joe Riccardelli - Vial of gold

Newspaper Man - What Is A Prospector's Best Friend pamphlet

Earl Theiss - Felix paydirt and snuffer

Shelly Spiller- Coleman lantern donated by Bob Jones