August 2004 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 6:20 pm. There were 21 total attendees. Grady Wallace introduced the current Board Members to the group.

President  Grady Wallace

Vice President  Daniel Klepac

Secretary  Kevin Green

Treasurer  Katy Wallace

New members were identified and introduced:

Roland Schneider

Ron Pottberg

Grady announced that future meetings would be in a different format. There would be about 30 minutes of business style followed by workshops. Tonight's workshops had Daniel Klepac talking about building techniques for equipment and Kevin Green speaking about computer security on the internet. September’s meeting workshop will be about panning techniques and basic outdoor land navigation and terrain reading. The October meeting workshop will have members from the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society speaking on how to cook with Dutch ovens. Katy Wallace asks for volunteers to speak on any topics that would be beneficial to the club.

The next outing is planned for October, 2004.

Grady discusses the hat pin situation. The club currently is out of hat pins and Grady suggests ordering $50 worth at $4 apiece now and another $50 in November/December in preparation for the GPAA show in February, 2005.

Grady gives information about the GPAA show in Ft. Worth The show will be held at Will Rogers Coliseum on February 12th and 13th, 2005. The RRGPAA will have a free booth. The club’s door prize will be drawn Saturday night. Grady and Katy suggests buying either one or three items totaling $700. The items may include a GPS, custom knife, range finder, binoculars.

A vote was taken to approve the $700 amount. Bill Stalvey motioned to approve the amount and H.D. Hinson seconded the motion. The motion was voted on and approved unanimously.

Bill Stalvey wanted to know if a flyer would be put out announcing the raffle and one will be created. Kevin Green will handle printing of the flyer.

Grady spoke about his “strip of tickets” idea. A preset amount of tickets per person will be sold for $5. A drawing will be held and half of the pot will go to the winner with the remainder going to the club.

Grady outlines the IRS discussion held in a board meeting prior to the club meeting. Katy is to contact Stacy Faulk, an accountant, to handle the filings.

Grady discusses the current situation with the proposed fence building for the Old Settlers Assn. Everything is ready to go with the exception of finding where the utilities are buried. Grady asks for more volunteers for the project.

Daniel Klepac outlines the upcoming prospecting trip starting Friday, August 27th. A small group will go and scout out the property for future outings. There will be metal detecting opportunities on the property.

Katy Wallace gives the treasurer’s report. As of July there was a balance of $1320.81. 2 panning troughs were purchased leaving a final balance of $1301.71 for August. There was some income from the previous months panning trough setup at the Ray Price concert.

Darroll Ross, State President, attended the meeting and also gave an update to the GPAA show next year. A panning trough will be allowed in the club’s booth. The North Central Texas Chapter will raffle off an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas. He also spoke about the Llano Chapter’s outing that was held August 21st and 22nd at the Oxford RV Park near Llano, TX. The RV park is located on Highway 16 about 10 miles south of Llano. He reported that several flakes were found using dry washing techniques.

Grady reminded the club of an outing to be held in October. There will also be an outing at Malcom’s held by the Worldwide Treasure Hunter’s Club.

Raffle results:

  1. GPAA Flop Hat - Janet Hinson
  2. Ice Chest Float donated by Paul and Vera Kirk – Randy Asterman
  3. Prospector’s Poke and Coffee Mug – Randy Asterman
  4. Tom and Perry’s Deluxe Cleanup Kit – Bill Stalvey
  5. Black 10” cleanup pan – Randy Asterman
  6. 14” Gold pan with cleanup kit – Vera Kirk
  7. 14” Classifier – Kevin Green re-donates, won by Roland Schneider
  8. 10” cleanup pan with plastic scoop – Paul Kirk
  9. 14” Gold pan with plastic scoop – Monty Ross
  10.  Bag of Tennessee dirt donated by Kevin Green – Darroll Ross

Next meeting will be September 18th at 6:00 pm with a Board Member meeting to be held prior at 5:00 pm.

Meeting adjourned at roughly 8:30 pm.