December 2004 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

Our last meeting of 2004 was moved from the 3rd Saturday of November to the 1st Saturday in December. Conflicts with Thanksgiving and Christmas were the reason for the change.

New members were identified and introduced:

John Griffin

The meeting/family get-together started around 1pm. Rain was forecast for most of the day, but the weather held off and the day saw some sunshine. There were 29 total attendees. The theme for this meeting was “Family Day” and there were several new family members in attendance.

The day started off with a round of horseshoes. Grady and Kevin challenged Daniel Klepac and Bill Stalvey. Both teams were very rusty and it took quite some time for Grady and Kevin to reach the winning number of 10 points. Horseshoes were flying everywhere. The kids had fun playing washers. Most of the time was spent visiting with each other. Grady and Katy purchased briskets and hotdogs for the function. Grady brought a bar-b-cue pit and helped with the cooking. The rest of the members brought side dishes and desserts. This lunch rivaled the potluck dinner at the last outing. Ron Pottberg led the group in prayer before eating. He will be heading to Africa the next day to do missionary work. Good luck to Ron and may he have a safe return.

All members gathered in front of the newly constructed cabin on the property for another group photo.

The Chapter held it’s first “White Elephant” Christmas Event. Members who participated brought a $5 gag gift to be exchanged. Ruth Dotson explained the rules and ran the event. Each participant drew a number from a hat. The “lucky” person who drew #1 got to choose the first gift to open. Participant #2 had the choice of opening a new gift or taking #1’s gift. Participant #3 had the choice of opening a new gift or taking #1’s or #2’s gift, and so on. The last participant either opened the last gift or chose from a number of opened gifts. The “lucky” #1 then got to either keep their gift or swap one with any of the whole group. Some of the more gag gifts were: toilet brush and cleaner, rolls of toilet paper and a whoopee cushion. Other gifts were of the traditional type: candles and ornaments. Everyone had a great time and many were surprised to have the gift they wanted taken by subsequent players. One of the more memorable moments was when Ruth Dotson opened her gift of a whoopee cushion. The next player was a very young Alex Klepac. Ruth then “convinced” Alex to take her gift, which allowed her to open a new one. Alex was very happy with the deal, although his parents may be regretting it now.  

After the event, Grady again revisited the selling of tickets for the prizes to be given away at the February 2005 Gold Show in Ft. Worth. Janet Hinson has sold the most, 101 tickets. Joe Riccardelli is a very close second with 100 tickets.

The next meeting will be the 3rd Saturday of January, 2005. The theme will be “bring a friend night”.

 Door Prizes

  1. 14” goldpan and snuffer bottle – Bill Stalvey
  2. Black cleanup pan and bag of Thermal City concentrates – Grady Wallace
  3. Plastic scoop – Nathan Moffatt
  4. Black cleanup pan and kit – Con Sweet (re-donates) – John Griffin
  5. EZ sluice and video – Con Sweet

Grady decided to give his prize to Nathan Moffatt and his family. He also awarded the prize that Con Sweet re-donated to our new member, John Griffin.

The meeting/function ended around 6pm.


Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!