December 2005 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

The meeting/party started around noon. The location was moved to a business address in Austin due to conflicts with Old Settler’s Park. There were 21 total attendees.

New members were identified and introduced:

Bill Scoville
Brittany Scoville
Raven Scoville

The weather was perfect. The day started off with Kevin Green demonstrating the use of a Blue Bowl. John Brueckner brought some concentrates that he had already panned out. The Blue Bowl uncovered some nice fine gold. A large flake turned up and got everyone pumped up. New members, Raven and Brittany Scoville, got a chance to give the bowl a try. They were hooked. John Griffin brought his Blue Bowl and set it up. Several people were drenched when a water line came loose while under pressure. Everyone had a good laugh. Kevin also brought washers and washer boards for the kids to play with.

The potluck dinner was delicious! Thanks to Claude Dotson for bringing his grill and preparing the meats. The dinner was followed by the Second Annual White Elephant Gift Exchange. Thanks to Ruth Dotson for coordinating it. This years gifts were as amusing as last years. Everyone who participated had a good time. The whole day’s activities were held outside, concluding when the sun went down.

Daniel Klepac started the meeting prior to the dinner and party. He thanked the group for coming to the new last minute location. He has a new job at a sporting goods supplier and can have shirts made with the club logo. They can be screen printed or embroidered. Colors suggested were a green shirt with yellow or gold ink. More discussion about ordering shirts will be held at the next meeting.

There was some discussion about the Chapter’s 501c status. It will be rather costly to file and process the paperwork needed to allow the Chapter to award Door Prizes at future meetings and the Gold Show in February. Because of this, there will not be any tickets sold or prizes awarded until this matter is sorted out. It was suggested that the Chapter sell $5 bags of Thermal City Gold Mine concentrates at the February Gold Show to generate money. It is still uncertain on whether or not the panning trough will be set up. Daniel stressed the need for solid volunteers to man the trough at the show. A decision will be made at the January meeting.

Laurie Klepac gave the Treasurer’s report. As of November 30th, there is $930.31 in the account. This does not include funds used to purchase meat and drinks for the party.

Daniel suggested we have a “party” at Claude’s in April to work on the chapter’s trailer. It needs sanding, painting and sealing. The Chapter will purchase the required materials.

Due to scheduling problems with the Old Settlers Association, future meetings may be moved to another location. We appreciate their kindness and hospitality in letting us use their facilities for the past years.

There were no Door Prizes awarded at the meeting.

The meeting/ party adjourned around 5:30 pm.