January 2005 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

Our first meeting for 2005 started at 6:10 pm at our regular meeting hall.

New members were identified and introduced:

Albert Martin

Grady Wallace started the meeting by asking for a show of hands of those who plan to attend the GPAA Gold Show in Ft. Worth. Several plan to attend. The goal of the Round Rock Chapter is to get more recognition. Our Chapter will have a booth at the show and we will set up a panning trough. Kevin Green and Daniel Klepac will work on getting small bags to put the gems and shark’s teeth in that panners find in the trough. The gold will be put in vials. Grady went through the procedure for setting up and breaking down the trough. Grady will bring the trough and the club’s picture board. Kevin will post additional information about where and when to meet in Ft. Worth on Friday for those members who can help set things up.

Grady and other Chapter members explained the current Texas Mining Laws to our newest member, Albert.

The group discussed upcoming outing prospects. Nothing has been finalized yet. H.D. Hinson will continue to look for new property to prospect on.

Kevin brought a homemade mini highbanker that he and Daniel built last weekend. The unit sits over a tub and recirculates the water using a 12volt bilge pump. Similar units sell for around $300. Members were able to see how such a device is constructed.

Tonight’s theme was “Movie Night”. The group watched “Successful Gold Dredging Made Easy” by Dave McCraken. Kevin brought popcorn and water for everyone to enjoy during the flick. He also provided the means to watch the video on a large homemade drive-in type screen. The 45 minute video was provided by Paul and Vera Kirk. Unfortunately, they were not able to attend the meeting. The movie was very informative and Dave McCracken found an enormous amount of gold. Salted or not, seeing that much gold got everyone buzzing. We plan to have another “Movie Night” in the future.

There will not be a meeting in February due to the timing of the Gold Show.

 Door Prizes

  1. 14” gold pan and snuffer bottle – Roland Schneider (re-donates), John Brueckner
  2. Plastic scoop and snuffer bottle – Kevin Green (finally)
  3. Cleanup kit – Janet Hinson
  4. Cleanup kit – John Brueckner (re-donates), Claude Dotson
  5. 2 Grip wrenches donated by Billy Caldwell – John Griffin
  6. Thermometer donated by Billy Caldwell – Claude Dotson
  7. High pressure butane lighter and a multipurpose tool donated by Billy Caldwell – John Brueckner (re-donates twice), Billy Caldwell (re-donates), John Brueckner, who re-donated twice again and finally decided to hold it for the next meeting.
  8. 10” gold pan – Kevin Green
  9. Tom and Perry Mini Sluice – John Brueckner (re-donates), Kevin Green (re-donates), Bill Stalvey (re-donates twice), Claude Dotson.
  10. Bag of dirt containing raw gemstones from Tennessee donated by Kevin Green – Katy Wallace

 The meeting adjourned around 8:30 pm.