July 2003 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

  1. Opening of meeting

  2. Bob Jones talked about chapter logo

  3. Had reading of June's minutes

  4. Treasurer's Report. Chapter fund balance $321.93

  5. Earl Thiess, Claims Committee Chairman spoke:

a. Look for places in different areas that are willing to let us prospect. Give

    that information to Earl to follow up on.

b. Fill in holes we dig.

c. Long's is closed November 1,2003 through January 1,2004.

d. Explained the difference between private and public property.

e. Discussed having classes at outings for highbanking, dredging,

    recognizing rocks.

  6. Break

  7. Karen Stalvey checked on prices for name tags. She reported a $15.00 set up fee.

      Pin-on name tags with logo: $5.50 or $5.00 without logo. Magnetic name tags

      with logo is $7.50. I believe the place to do tags is All Sports Awards.

  8. Glenn Rutledge sent thank you cards from the chapter to the Ross' and Tom and

      Cindy Massie.

  9. We talked about "spring cleaning" at Earthworks.

10. We received videotape of our outing, but there is a mix-up that Grady is working


a. We discussed selling tapes to chapter members for $10.00 each.

b. Grady is supposed to try to get digital 8mm video tapes so Ken Pate can

    get them burned to CD's.

c. Todd Pickens is supposed to check with Austin Access Television for

    prices on mass production.

11. We discussed using Pat's panning trough at Glenrose Gem show in October. Pat

      will sell us gold vials for 25 cents each and pipettes for 15 cents each that we will

      sell at profit which will go into chapter funds.

12. Discussed having a membership drive at Coopers the 3'd Saturday in September

      beginning at noon.

a. Have free gold panning using panning trough from Earthworks.

b. Suggestion was made to email Brownies, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, K-Eye

                42, Austin American Statesman etc. to get the word out about the

    membership drive.

13. Membership voted on and approved by chapter members.

14. Sylvia Stewart is to check on a 20 foot canopy for the chapter to purchase for

      outings, etc.

15. An announcement was made to leave parking spaces in front of Cooper's empty

      for Cooper's customers.

16. Held door prizes:

a. Zachary Marcott - 14" Gravity Trap Pan

b. Fred Rose - Garrett sifter and Ounce of Gold book

c. James Spiller- Piggy back model pan

d. Harold Schullenberger - Plastic scoop and Ounce of Gold book

e. O'Bam Rost - GPAA video tape, Sure Fire Panning Methods and Ounce

    of Gold book

f. John Brueckner- Snuffer, tweezers and pouch

g. Fred Rose - Black Sands Magic video and Ounce of Gold book