July 2005 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

The meeting started at 6:05 pm at our regular meeting hall. There were 19 total attendees.

The meeting time was pushed back to the original time due to no announcement of the new time that was approved at the last meeting. The August meeting may be cancelled due to itís timing with back to school. Kevin Green will send out formal notices to all members if the meeting is cancelled.

New members were identified and introduced:

Leroy and Billie Whatley

During the last meeting, the group voted on setting up a booth at the Jarrell Baseball Tournament. The tourney will last 3 days, July 18th Ė 20th. Start times will be at 6 pm and last until dark. Volunteers will be needed. Daniel and Laurie Klepac, Kevin Green and Claude Dotson have volunteered so far.

Laurie Klepac gave the treasurerís report. There was $827.07 in the account after paying $60.36 for the Chapterís trailer license plate renewal. The Chapter will have to pay $30 for booth space at the Jarrell Baseball Tournament. Laurie handed out a copy of the report to all meeting attendees.

Daniel Klepac spoke about the Chapterís trailer and the work needed to further restore it. It will need some painting, joint sealing and possibly the Chapterís logo put on it.

There was a discussion about the recent gold found by Joseph F. in the Guadalupe River. Pictures of his gold are currently posted on the Chapterís website. It is believed that the gold he found is not native to Texas. It is however, an incredible find.

Daniel and Kevin both spoke about the previous outing held in Llano. They used Danielís highbanker and did find a few specks of gold. The day was very sunny and very hot. A lot of time was spent visiting with other Texas Chapter members in the shade. H.D. and Janet Hinson spent some time near the area visiting with land owners about future prospecting trips.

The Llano Chapter will have an outing in October in New Mexico. More information will be sent out to all members as it becomes available. The Round Rock Chapter plans to hold an outing in September at Longís Fish and Digs. They are also planning an outing in Mason, TX during October to dig for Topaz. This outing will be for those who cannot attend the New Mexico outing.

Pat, owner of Earthworks in Round Rock, has informed us of a possible gem and mineral show to be held during the winter. Booth spaces will be possible. More info to follow. He has also put out a press release for the upcoming Texas Gold Panning Championships to be held in Houston at the Museum of Natural Sciences on July 23rd. Kevin Green will send out the press release to all email registered members.

It was announced that our meeting hall, Riceís Crossing, is becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction. Future meetings will be held in the main building at Old Settlerís Park. Randy, caretaker for the park, is asking for volunteers to do more work to offset the cost of the meeting space. Daniel will follow up on his requests. Grady Wallace suggested the Chapter sit in on one of the Old Settlerís Association meetings to find out what work they would like us to do.

Again it was suggested we move our meetings back to the old restaurant. Laurie Klepac made a motion to keep the meetings at Old Settlerís Park. Grady seconds the motion and the group unanimously voted in favor of keeping the meetings at the current location.

The next meeting will begin at 4:30 pm, either in August or September, depending on Danielís decision about August. All members will be notified in due time via email and website.

Door Prizes:

  1. Extension Fork  -  Kevin Green(redonates), Leroy Whatley
  2. 4 person camping table set  -  Grady Wallace
  3. GPAA coffee mug  -  Grady Wallace(redonates), Albert Martin
  4. American Flag Koozie  -  Kevin Green
  5. Scrusher Boot Cleaner  -  Leroy Whatley
  6. Safety Fork  -  Grady Wallace
  7. How to Build a Gold Sucker video donated by Bob Jones  -  Grady Wallace
  8. LED Key Chain  -  Grady Wallace
  9. Fish Key Chain  -  Kevin Green(redonates), Albert Martin(redonates), Grady Wallace
  10. Deer Key chain  -  Ruth Dotson
  11. Buffalo Key chain  -  Laurie Klepac
  12. Bag of Tennessee dirt donated by Kevin Green  -  Leroy Whatley
  13. Shovel donated by Daniel Klepac  -  Albert Martin

Grady Wallace has apparently inherited John Bruecknerís Door Prize winning luck!

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.