July 2006 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

The meeting started at 4:30pm at Cooper’s Pit BBQ in downtown Round Rock. There were 13 total attendees. 

New members were identified and introduced:

Geoffrey Stone

Mark Johnson

Diane Johnson

Bill Lewis


Daniel Klepac gave the treasurer’s report for Laurie Klepac (who was absent). There was $1,013.45 in the account.

Ron Pottberg inquired about the status of the chapter’s trailer. Daniel is looking for volunteers to paint a club logo on it.

Daniel has decided to wait on sending Gerry Davison’s letter to the GPAA. There may be something happening in the near future from the GPAA.

The city of Llano will be holding its Heritage Days celebration in October. Texas chapters are invited to have booths with equipment and demonstrations. The Houston Museum of Natural Science may donate prizes and the Colorado Panning Championship group may attend. More details will be released as they become available.

Daniel has been monitoring the GPAA’s forums. He read a post from a prospector who is upset that others have been on his claim without permission. Daniel uses this to remind everyone to heed the markers and claims when out prospecting.

The August meeting is cancelled. The next scheduled meeting will be September 16th.

The chapter is planning on having an outing at Long’s in October. Dates and times will be firmed up by September. Kevin Green will handle the e-mail and web site announcements.

Kevin, Daniel and Albert Martin checked out a spot in Horseshoe Bay. It was a 34-acre pit and the owner reported massive round boulders in the granite rubble. The pit was filled with decomposing granite gravel. It remains a mystery as to how the large boulders remained intact surrounded by the gravel. Unfortunately, no gold was found.

Daniel asks for everyone to ask around for possible places to prospect.

Con Sweet suggested that the web site display historical and current mining photos. Kevin asks that anyone can send him such photos and he will post them. He also plans to add some new content to the web site such as the history and geology of the Llano Uplift along with gold mining in the area. Links to sites that detail the building of prospecting equipment will also be added.

Daniel suggests the chapter holds a workshop in the future. He has some classifier buckets that can be built easily and inexpensively.

The group had an interesting and lengthy discussion on treating black sands. Many ideas and methods were offered up. Mercury still sounds like the best way to recover the gold.

The meeting adjourned around 6 pm.