June 2003 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

Opened with introductions from new attendees who did not attend May meeting. Secretary read the minutes from May meeting. Treasurer read the Treasurer's Report.


Nomination of Earl Theiss for Claims Committee Chairman. Lonnal Wilhelm motioned nomination and was seconded by Bill Stalvey.

Discussed Malcolm's prices for us to dig and camp. We are to show him our GPAA or LDMA card for discount prices. Royce Pinkston was charged $20.00 to prospect for a day. He did not camp. Royce said to let it go.

Discussed GPAA banner. Passed hat for donations to get the banner and we received enough money from the hat to purchase the banner.

Gem show in October in Glenrose was brought up. There is room for tents, motor homes.

Glenn Rutledge volunteered to send official “thank you" to the Ross' for their support and help at our outing and to Tom and Cindy Massie for attending.

Bob Jones talked about our logo tee-shirt contest. Logo's due next month for members to vote on. Kelly Malof suggested we get bumper stickers with our logo. Discussed the best place to get our tee-shirts done: one suggestion, Austin T-Shirts.

Pat Napolitano is having a "spring cleaning" and will offer flats of different merchandise to volunteers to sell at Glenrose.

Explained Chapter Credits and how they work.

Pat Napolitano will check on how much we can sell items for with our being a non-profit organization. Was said we need a Tax Resale Certificate from the Comptrollers Office.

We're thinking of where we can set up at besides Glenrose.

Discussed name tags. Karen Stalvey will check on prices and let us know at the July meeting what she has found out.


Zachary Marcott drew the winners tickets.

Jim Clark- Garrett Gravity Trap pan and Ounce of Gold book

Joe Riccardelli - Garrett metal detector pouch and Ounce of Gold book

Lonnal Wilhelm - Plastic scoop and Ounce of Gold book.

Perry Stewart - Sourdough Mine pay dirt from Montana

Wes Barger- Garrett classifier and Ounce of Gold book

Joe Scott - 20 mesh screen classifier

Perry Stewart - 10" concentrate gold pan, snuffer bottle and Ounce of Gold book

Connie Marcott - Bag with tweezers and snuffer bottle and Ounce of Gold book

Fred Rose - GPAA pin, Felix Paydirt sample and Ounce of Gold book.

Paul Kirk- EZ sluice with video tape