June 2004 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

Prior to the meeting, members of the RRGPAA met at Old Settler’s Park to do volunteer work to offset the costs of the meeting hall. Those members were: Janet and HD Hinson, Daniel Klepac, Kevin Green, Grady Wallace, John Brueckner, Ron Carroll and Billy Caldwell. The group started around 10:30 am and worked until 4:00 pm. They cleaned and oiled various saddles, chaps and other leather items.

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm. There were 21 total attendees. Grady attributed the low attendance to the weather and to the fact that this meeting was held one week later than the normal 3rd weekend of the month.

There were 4 new visitors at this meeting and all 4 joined the RRGPAA. The new members are: Nathan Moffatt, Oscar Moffatt, McCartney Taylor and Con Sweet.

The previous meeting minutes were read by Kevin Green. Paul Kirk asked if anyone wanted to discuss or correct any of the previous minutes. None replied and the previous meeting minutes were approved  by a unanimous vote.

Grady discussed the delay in the planned fence building, due to permit problems. The fence building was replaced with the saddle and leather restoration. Expenses were immediately  reimbursed by the Old Settlers Assn. Grady still plans to bring a posthole digger and have that work done the Friday night prior to the actual construction of the fence. Grady also asked for more volunteers to help with all future projects.

The Old Settler’s Association plans to have a music festival July 10th through the 17th.

This date falls during the next planned meeting. Grady suggested setting up a panning trough Friday and Saturday, July 16th and 17th. The starting time for Friday is 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm for Saturday. Ruth Dotson makes a motion to do the panning trough on the selected dates. Vera Kirk seconds the motion. The group unanimously votes in favor of the motion. Nathan Moffatt offers to sell candles at the panning trough, with some proceeds going to the RRGPAA. Glenn Rutledge will update the website with information regarding the panning trough/meeting. All attendees will have to pay a $3.00 parking fee. Royce Pinkston has donated $100.00 to buy a new panning trough. The new trough will cost approximately $119.00, with the difference being made up from club funds.

The current standing balance of the club’s funds is $1777.47.

Club T-Shirts that have been ordered by members still have to be acquired by Linda Jones, who was not in attendance.

There was some discussion about the lack of IRS filings for 2003. Any organization that has money in a bank is considered “making a profit” regardless of the non-profit label. Janet Hinson will investigate further the “Letter of Forgiveness” required by the club.

Grady and Katy Wallace(Katy not in attendance) suggested a new location for an outing in September. They suggest having the outing on Labor Day weekend at the diamond mine in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. New member McCartney Taylor gave great details about the mine and how to find diamonds. Daniel Klepac suggested trying out a pay to dig site in Mason, TX for topaz. He will provide more information about where to go by the next meeting. No decisions were made and no votes taken.

Grady gave some details about the previous weekend’s trip to David “Boo Coo” Haas’s property for prospecting. Those who traveled to Junction were: Grady Wallace, Daniel Klepac, HD Hinson and Kevin Green. Grady’s 2 children, Hunter and Gradie Lauren also attended. No gold was found after several hours of dredging and sluicing and the group traveled back to Long’s the same day.

Kevin Green plans to have business cards and name badges made up. Grady gave permission for him to design the logo and lettering for both items.

Grady gave instructions to the new members on joining the GPAA.

A raffle was held. Items raffled and winners are as follows:

  1. 3 aluminum camping plates: Ruth Dotson
  2. Arm Band Radio: John Brueckner(re-donates) Paul Kirk
  3. Utility Tool Collection: Ron Carroll
  4. Knife: Ron Carroll
  5. Flashlight and Compass: HD Hinson(re-donates) Nathan Moffatt
  6. Timex Chime Clock(donated by Claude Dotson): John Brueckner
  7. Coffee Mug: John Brueckner(re-donates) Oscar Moffatt
  8. Dual Knife Kit(donated by Billy Caldwell): Glenn Rutledge
  9. 13pc Cookware Set: John Brueckner(re-donates 3 times) Ruth Dotson
  10. Floating Cooler: HD Hinson

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.