June 2005 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

The meeting started at 6:00 pm at our regular meeting hall. There were 11 total attendees.

New members were identified and introduced:

Dave and Cathy Miller of Copperas Cove

Kevin Green (Secretary) was not in attendance. Laurie Klepac took meeting notes.

The recent Texas Outing held at Longís Fish and Digs was discussed. Daniel outlined the topics presented by Walt Eason. There will be another outing put on by the Llano Chapter in the city of Llano. Again, this is open to all Texas Chapters.

The Jarrell Family Fiesta Days booth and panning trough cleared a total of 2$ after paying $20 for the booth space. This function brought attention to the Chapter and the Chapter was invited to set up another booth at the Jarrell Little League Baseball Tournament to be held July 18th - 20th. There was a motion to attend the tourney, it was seconded and unanimously approved. Volunteers will be needed to man the trough.

Claude Dotson has acquired permission from Pat Goode to do some prospecting on Patís land north of Jarrell. Salado Creek runs through it and there is an old gold mine on adjoining property.

Laurie Klepac gave the Treasurerís report. The Chapterís account balance was $887.37 as of June 16th. This was after payments to Kevin Green for the first six months due on the website and a port-a-potty rental from the Hudkins Property Dig. There was a motion to accept, it was seconded and unanimously approved.

Daniel Klepac asked if anyone wanted to be the Door Prize coordinator. There were no volunteers at this time. He will appoint one in the future.

There was a motion to change the Chapterís meeting start time from 6pm to 4:30 pm. It was seconded and unanimously approved. The website will be changed to reflect the new start time and Kevin Green will send out update emails to all registered members.

There was a motion to change the location of the Chapterís meetings back to the old restaurant. The group voted against any change in location at this time. It was suggested that we have an occasional potluck dinner after the meetings. Kevin Green will handle the announcements and emails if one should occur.

The Hudkins Property did sell to an anonymous buyer on time. We are glad we were able to prospect there before it sold.

The meeting adjourned and there were no door prizes awarded this time due to attendance.