March 2004 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

Our venture at the Georgetown Gem and Mineral Show in February was a great success. It was the biggest turn out they have ever had and we have an invitation to set up again next year at no charge. We made a little over $815.00. 

We are invited to set up at a school rodeo in Pflugerville April 3, 2004. We are being given $200.00 to set up. 

There is a Festival Memorial Day weekend. 

The 4th week in March 2005, in San Antonio is something to consider setting up at. 

The last week in February 2005, is the GPAA Gold Show at the Will Rogers Coliseum in Fort Worth. We will have a booth there. Grady will pay $100.00 to 

We have been invited to set up at the Austin Gem and Mineral Show in Austin at the Crockett Center in December. It will be a Thursday through a Sunday. 

Officer nominations are to be submitted to Grady Wallace by the April outing. Current vacancies are for Vice-President and Secretary. It is suggested that officers stepping down can become a Board of Directors for new officers taking office.

We have an "Alert Roster" team who will divide up and contact our members of meetings, etc.

Royce Pinkston - Area code 210

Ron Carroll - Area code 254

Penny Bradley and Stephen Riccardelli will split the 512 area code.

John Daut will take the rest of the directory.

Linda Jones will be alternate


We voted for the chapter to pay for our website that Glen Rutledge manages and has built for us. We decided to pay $135.00 for five years. 

Earl Theiss, Claims and Outing Coordinator, spoke. He did not get to finish relaying the information he has to share with us. Hopefully at a later time, he can cover the rest. Earl has been working with people from the General Land Office, Parks and Wildlife, Fisheries Department and other agencies to establish guidelines for recreational prospectors. At the present time, wardens will only investigate our prospecting when they receive complaints from residents. At the present time, law enforcement has also waived issuing tickets for individuals involved in recreational prospecting. Another change is Texas law has said the permit holder to a claim does not have to be present at the claim for people to prospect on that claim. Earl is working on legislation that will protect our interests from Green activists.

 Gradient Boundary-It is important for us to know 6 to 12 inches at either side of the river channel is private property.

 We will have an outing at Long's April 16 through the 18tr. On April 16, representatives from the General Land Office and Parks and Wildlife are invited to observe as we prospect so they can see for themselves what our recreational prospecting involves and doesn't involve. 

On Saturday, April 17: 9:00am to l:00pm is our common dig. At 1:00pm, the concentrates will be separated out. Everyone who is not involved with that will be on their own time. There will be a couple of tents set up for people to change clothes in.

Saturday evening is our potluck.

 Reminders: Don't litter - including cigarettes

Fill prospecting equipment with gas at the beach

If something is dredged up that is not natural to the river, dispose of properly

Keep lead that is found to smelt and make weights out of.

We need to sign and give Malcolm Long our Release of Liability Earl handed out.



 Compass - John Brueckner

Cast Iron Griddle - Royce Pinkston - Re-donated - John Brueckner - Re-donated - John Brueckner redonated it and was won by Glenn Rutledge

Gold Panning Kit - Robert Jones

Magnifier - Stephen Riccardelli

Big Magnet - Duane Arnold

Pan Snuffer and Prospector pouch with vial - Roscoe Ross

$8.00 Bag of New Mexico dirt donated by Derroll Ross - won by Sylvia Stewart

Coozie and deck of camo cards - Wyatt Battle

Camo notebook, coozie and deck of cards - John Brueckner -Re-donated and won by Rod Perdue

2-way cast iron gdddle with case - Leslie Sorrels

Big Magnet donated by Ron Carroll won by Gale Kloesel