March 2006 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

The meeting started at 4:35pm at the Rio Grande Restaurant. There were 17 total attendees. 

New members were identified and introduced:

 Jim Carter

Jody Carter

Jimmy Carter


Kevin Green, secretary, started off the meeting by reading the January meeting notes.

John Griffin reported doing some prospecting at Pilot Knob, which is south of McKinney Falls State Park. This area is an old extinct volcano. He found 1 gold speck and lots of black sand.

Laurie Klepac gave the treasurer’s report. The chapter made $257.00 at the February Gold Show by selling bags of Thermal City Gold Mine concentrates. Kevin was reimbursed for the chapter’s website costs for the past six months. Total amount in the chapter’s bank account was $1107.23.

Daniel Klepac spoke about the Gold Show sales and his encounter with a psychic at the show. Apparently, the psychic demonstrated skills that were baffling to Daniel. Be sure to ask him how his encounter went. Chapter member Shelly Davison won a Minelab metal detector given away during the GPAA raffle. Congratulations to Shelly.

Two elementary schools contacted Daniel about setting up our panning trough and demonstrating panning. Due to our planned April outing, we had to turn down one offer. Daniel accepted the other offer at the Jo Ann Ford Elementary School near Sun City, TX.

Nicholas Cowey, an LCRA representative, attended our meeting. The LCRA will be setting up a summer camp for kids and wants to include a prospecting workshop. He invited us to volunteer our knowledge and panning trough. They plan to set up a portion of the camp to look like a mine. Nicholas teaches geology and Texas history along with mining. He wants to have an hour long workshop with about 30 kids to discuss geology and mining. Topics will include the history of Spanish silver mining and the recovery of gold using mercury. Nicholas also educates the LCRA about the geology of the Colorado River basin and minerals mined in the Llano region. Daniel suggests we work closely with Nicholas and his program to benefit the kids and our Chapter.

The Texas Council of Treasure Clubs will be holding a show in Ft. Worth on April 29th and 30th. Details are provided in a flyer that was passed out at the recent Gold Show.

Our next outing will be April 28th thru the 30th at Malcom Long’s. This outing has been dubbed the “Texas Shootout” and is open to all Texas chapters.

Daniel reminded everyone about the upcoming officer elections in May.

Kevin has started the process to apply for a 501c3 tax status. He will follow up with his progress in the upcoming meetings.

Daniel, Kevin and Gerry Davison met with Walt Eason at the GPAA Gold Show to voice our concerns with GPAA’s support here in Texas. Representatives from other Texas chapters also joined in. Most are not happy with GPAA’s support. Walt will work on opening up better lines of communication between the home office and Texas chapters.

H.D. Hinson brought some vials of black sand he is treating with mercury for show and tell. It has been reported that there is a considerable amount of gold trapped in the black sand. H.D. will report his findings once he finds a way to remove the mercury from the gold.

Our next meeting will be in May.

There were no Door Prizes awarded at the meeting.

The meeting adjourned around 5:20 pm.