May 2004 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

                          ANNIVERSARY MEETING


Tonight was our first meeting at the Old Settlers Park. Our meeting building usually rents for $200.00 with a $50.00 deposit. We are able to exchange the rent for some labor to erect fences, paint, clean out barns, etc. The Old Settlers Association will furnish all materials and we provide the labor. We will keep a record of how much we work to offset any rent. Marilyn Murray shared the vision of the Old Settlers Association in wanting to give children an opportunity to know the history of the area. The chapter voted on having a workday once a month before chapter meetings and continuing to meet at the Old Settlers Park and was approved by chapter members unanimously. We can have potluck and cookouts so long as we clean up and take our trash with us.

There is RV parking. It costs $15.00 per day for 30 AMP service and $18.00 per day for 50 AMP service. There is also a house that can be rented for a bed and breakfast. The rent for this is forthcoming.

Our next meeting will be June 26 because our building had a previously booked event on our regular 3rd Saturday of June.

Bob Jones and George Thompson will meet Grady at the Park on June 25 at 5:00pm to lay out the fence. Volunteers will meet on June 26 to erect the fence and paint it.

Any items found with a metal detector, etc. will be turned in to the association. Members may be able to keep a token of the find.

July 11 through July 17 is a music festival. Our regular meeting date is July 17. We will discuss in the June meeting whether we will have an outing that date or schedule our meeting for the fourth Saturday of July.

We are invited to set up a panning trough during the music festival. No decision yet.

There is a Llano River Clean-up next Saturday in Llano. The clean-up is from Llano to Mason. Meet at the local park in Llano at 9:00 to sign up to help. Wear chapter teeshirts. Do not argue with the FEMA people.


Claims Committee Chairman – Earl Theiss was nominated—Glenn Rutledge seconded the nomination.

Treasurer – H.D. Hinson nominated Katy Wallace. Ron Carroll seconded the nomination and Katy accepted the nomination.

Secretary – Bob nominated Kevin Green and was seconded by Joe Riccardelli. Kevin accepted the nomination.

Vice-President-Katy Wallace nominated Daniel Klepac. Paul Kirk seconded the nomination. Daniel accepted the nomination.

President – Grady Wallace was nominated to continue in office and this motion was seconded by Ron Carroll.

It was suggested by Sylvia Stewart that we have a Sergeant at Arms. The outcome of this suggestion is that Paul Kirk was nominated to serve as the Parliamentarian. Janet Hinson seconded this motion. Paul Kirk will head an audit committee to be made up of three people to audit chapter books once a year in April before elections are held in May. Linda Jones seconded this motion. The details of this committee agenda will be presented in the June meeting.

We have not paid our 2003 IRS taxes. Grady and Katy are working with someone to be forgiven for the 2003 taxes.

$250.00 was made during the April outing. $160.00 was spent for door prizes.

The by-laws state that no married couples can serve as chapter officers at the same time. After much discussion, we amended this by-law. The Round Rock Chapter Gold Prospector’s Association voted that we can have married couples serve as chapter officers at the same time. This was voted on and approved unanimously by chapter members.


Billy Caldwell – Deluxe Utility Tool Kit

Kevin Green – Two metal café plates

Janet Hinson – Folding shovel – re-donated – won by Linda Jones – re-donated – won by Sylvia Stewart

Janet Hinson – Utility Took Kit

Joe Riccardelli – Camo coozie and clip on thermometer compass

Billy Caldwell – Utility Tool Kit

John Brueckner – Grill stand

Bill Stalvey – Bear trap – re-donated – won by Ron Carroll who donated the bear trap to the Old Settlers Association