May 2005 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

The meeting started at 6:30 pm at our regular meeting hall. There were 17 total attendees.

This meeting marks the Chapters 2nd year of existence and new Officers to be elected. Kevin Green, the current secretary, is out of town on personal business. Ruth Dotson took meeting notes.

Grady and Katy Wallace, as outgoing officers of 2 years, said they did not want to be nominated for any office. We appreciate the hard work and efforts they have given us the past 2 years. The following members were nominated:

Daniel Klepac  -  President

Claude Dotson  -  Vice President

Kevin Green  -  Secretary

H.D. Hinson  -  Claims Committee and Outing Coordinator

Laurie Klepac  -  Treasurer

All accepted their nominations and were unanimously approved. Ruth Dotson was appointed “Chapter Cook”. Her breakfast and lunch at the last outing was spectacular!

The outgoing officers will serve on the Board of Directors. They will provide guidance to the Chapter and new officers.

Laurie Klepac, Treasurer, has moved the Chapter’s bank account to Compass Bank.

The Chapter purchased a 6 x 10 trailer and it will reside on Claude Dotson’s land when not being used.

The Chapter plans to set up a booth and panning trough on June 11th at the Fiesta Day event held in Jarrell, TX. Cost to have a booth will be $20. Claude Dotson, Ruth Dotson and Grady Wallace have volunteered to man the trough.

Rumor has it that the Hudkins Property sale did not happen. Daniel and H.D. will investigate. More digs will be scheduled if this is true.

The Llano Chapter will hold a “Texas Outing” during Memorial Day weekend. All Texas Chapters are invited to attend. There will be a special guest speaker. Walt Eason from the home office will be there to talk about Land Rights and news of the GPAA.

It was suggested that future meetings have time set aside to work on building prospecting equipment. More to follow.

Door Prizes:

  1. Fondue cooking set  -  Grady Wallace
  2. Safety Fork  -  Noah Wallace
  3. Extension Fork  -  Claude Dotson
  4. Air Freshener Doll (this doll was donated by Jo Ann Gears and she knitted the doll’s dress)  - Ron Light
  5. Egg Holder (for camping)  -  Grady Wallace
  6. Refreezable Ice  -  Nugget (Joe Riccardelli’s dog)
  7. Multi purpose tool with lighter  -  Joe Riccardelli
  8. Camping Chair  -  John Brueckner
  9. Jewelry  -  Daniel Klepac
  10. Nugget Earrings  -  Vera Kirk
  11. Jewelry  -  Ron Light

The meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm.