November 2003 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened with individual introductions.

Derroll Ross, President of the North Central Texas GPAA Chapter, and his family attended. We very much appreciate their contributions, knowledge and direction.

When you sign up with GPAA or renew your membership with GPAA" please specify that you are a member of the Round Rock Chapter so our chapter can accrue points toward GPAA items.

Earl Theiss, Claims and Outing Coordinator spoke. After our outing in October at Longs, the General Land Office contacted Earl and Grady wanting to know what we were doing. Apparently, unless we have a claim we are not supposed to mine in the Llano River. Earl is working with several government agencies about setting up laws in the state of Texas for recreational mining. Representatives from these agencies want to set up a dig to see for themselves how our equipment works and what our prospecting entails.

Earl said we are looking at several places to go after the first of the year to test (or sample) and prospect. We are planning to make our outings more like a common dig with rotating schedules on equipment and a share of the find for everyone who worked. It was noted that a good cleanup on the land we are invited to gets us invited back and thus far, we have proven ourselves to leave the areas cleaner than when we arrived.

PLP Card-Gives guidelines if you are questioned by law authorities while you are prospecting. Follow the guidelines outlined on the card and give the information to Earl or one of the officers.

There is a gem and mineral show scheduled in February in Georgetown called Fossil Fest which Grady would like us to set up at. He will check on prices of booths and will have more information in January. We can buy panning kits from Pat at Earthworks for $3.00 to $6.00 and sell for $10.00 to $12.00. We will be looking for volunteers for the booth(s).

The Round Rock Boy Scouts are interested in Grady setting our panning trough for them. It was also suggested we could set up at the Wild Life Expo this next year. 


 Daniel Klepac donated two crevice suckers

Coleman Mini Lantern AM/FM Radio - Clark Polson

Best of Buzzard - Mike Kirkpatrick

Magnifier with Head strap - Rob Goreham

Prospecting Pouch - John Brueckner

Snuffer bottle/tweezer kit - Duane Arnold - Re-donated; Joe Riccardelli took it home

Another snuffer bottle/tweezer kit - Joe Scott Re-donated; John Brueckner - Redonated; Melanie Ross took it home

GPAA Coffee Mug - Kenny Ferris

Garrett Metal Detector Pouch - Vera Kirk - Re-donated; John Brueckner - Re-donated; George Thompson took it home

Best of Buzzard - Kevin Green- Re-donated; Earl Theiss - Re-donated; Rob Goreham took it home

Bag of Georgia Pay Dirt with gold and gemstones donated by Derroll Ross - Kevin Green

Pay Dirt from Lincoln County Mine in New Mexico donated by Derroll Ross - John Brueckner

Alaska Pay Dirt donated by Jim Arnold - John Brueckner who re-donated the New Mexico pay dirt which was won by Daniel Klepac.