October 2006 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

The meeting started at 6:00 pm at Long’s Fish and Digs. The meeting was held in conjunction with our outing. There were 20 total attendees. 

Daniel Klepac started the meeting by thanking everyone for coming to the outing. The Chapter was asked by 3 different groups to setup our panning trough this weekend. We had to cancel due to the conflict with our outing. The Boy Scouts have asked us to give a panning demonstration at their camp near Bastrop. Kevin Green and Daniel will likely participate.

A landowner has asked Daniel if our group would come out to his property and test for gold. His property is southwest of Enchanted Rock. He knows about prospecting. He currently heads up an outdoor club and wants to include prospecting in his club’s activities. Daniel will put together a scouting party.

The Llano Knappers Rendezvous is next weekend. Earl Theiss speaks to the group about the Rendezvous. The Llano Chamber of Commerce is trying to find its identity. The local flint knappers wanted to have a festival and Earl suggested to them that they include prospecting. Earl has been elected as President of the Llano Chapter and he wants the general public to know more about prospecting. The inclusion of prospecting to the festival will help achieve his goal. The Houston Museum of Natural Science wants to help promote prospecting at the festival. David Temple, curator of the museum, recently was taken out to the river for some prospecting. Apparently he had such a good time that the museum wants to sponsor Texas’ first official Gold Panning Championship. There will be rules and regulations in place that will be recognized by all states that have a panning contest. The festival will be divided up into 3 sections: Flint Knapping, Gem and Mineral displays and Prospecting. The 4 Texas chapters will be invited to participate. The GPAA will contribute pans, scoops, hats and shirts to be awarded as prizes. They are also donating the copper gold pans to be awarded to first place. Keene Engineering has donated $50 and $25 gift certificates as prizes. There will be a kid’s panning trough set up filled with gems and trinkets. Price will be $1 per pan. Earl wants to have a modern mining camp set up to show the public what we do. Daniel has volunteered to set up a display on where and how to look for gold. Our goals are to demonstrate the morals of prospectors and how well we treat the land. On Friday (set up day) dignitaries from the LCRA and General Land Office will be there, checking out prospecting. Earl wants to show them what we are all about and advises everyone to be careful what we say and do while they are there. He is asking for volunteers to help throughout the weekend with the Festival. The Llano Chapter will also have activities set up. “Public education is the key” says Earl. There will be a metal detecting contest on Saturday and Sunday. Duane Arnold will oversee the contests. Coins and tokens will be hidden for both days. Winners will receive major prizes donated by Garret and Bounty Hunter. The Colorado Panners will provide nuggets for the panning championship.

Earl reminds everyone at the meeting that the term “recreational prospecting” only applies to Texas. In other states it is known as “small mining”.

Kevin is to look into the Mineral Wells Chapter for website info and link.

Art Tiemann, president of the Austin Metal Detectors club is looking for someone to come and set up an in information booth on prospecting for a gathering on October 28th.

Daniel is asking for volunteers to help this group.


The meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.