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Here are pictures sent in by prospectors showing off their Texas gold. If you would like to show off your find, click here and send a picture along with details of where and how you found it.

Click on any picture to see a larger view.


This gold was found by Michael and Kay Judd during the Fall 2015 Halliburton Outing.


This gold was found by Wayne Wilson during the Fall 2015 Halliburton Outing.


This gold was found by Michael and Kay Judd during the April 2015 Halliburton Outing.


This gold was found at the mouth of the Rio Grande in South Texas by Ruben and Bertie Caballero, Sr.


This gold was found by Ken Larsen at the April 2014 Halliburton Outing.


This large flake was found by Teresa Rieke at the April 2014 Halliburton Outing.


These flakes were found by Paul Cytulik at the April 2014 Halliburton Outing.


This .9 gram nugget was found by Michael Ballard at the April 2012 Halliburton Outing. Michael is also holding the sucker tube he used to find it.


This gold was found by Jim Canida at the April 2012 Halliburton Outing.


Tom Smith found this gold at the April 2012 Halliburton Outing.


These flakes were found by Ronnie Stotz while prospecting below the first dam in Llano.


These little nuggets were recovered by Mike Bruno at the Riley Mountain Outing. Awesome find Mike!


This gold was found by Kevin Green at the October 2010 Halliburton Outing. He filled up 3 buckets from a sandbar next to the bank and recovered the gold using a blue bowl.


These flakes and pieces were found by Lonnie Killman while prospecting at Malcom Long's and the fall outing at Halliburton's. Nice job Lonnie!

Shane Mason found this gold while prospecting at the June 2010 Halliburton Outing on the Llano River. Nice job, Mason!


John Griffin found this smokey quartz crystal while prospecting at Long's. The crystal is terminated on both ends. Nice find, John!


Tom Massie dredged up these little flakes from the Llano river. There were about 10 of these in the pan. This material was at the first catch in the dredge, no telling how much fine gold was in the rest of the cons.


This gold and garnet was found by Clinton Bihm at Long's. He was digging under a rock in the Llano river close to the mouth of Pennington Creek. A very nice find!



Here is another small piece from the Halliburton Outing. It was found by John Griffin. Excellent picture work John!




This picker was found by Todd Pickens at Long's in Pennington Creek. He spotted it wedged in a crack and pried it loose. Next to it is what is believed to be a chunk of silver.




This little piece was found by Doretta Conrad while at the Halliburton Outing. She and her husband David were hand digging and using a sluice. Talk about beginner's luck!!! Her gold is near the edge of the pan.




Lonnie Brewer found these little nuggets while prospecting recently. They were found in the Llano River using a sucker tube and sluice. Congratulations Lonnie, your hard work has paid off!




This vial of gold was found by William, Kyle and Michael at Long's. They used a metal detector to locate a concentration of black sand. When they got home, they panned out the material and this is what they found.




More gold from the Hudkins Property. Daniel Klepac collected this gold using his highbanker, which he designed and built himself.




This gold was collected from a common operation at the Hudkins Property outing. Many prospectors contributed their cons and this gold was raffled to one lucky winner. The main creek on the Hudkins Property drains from the Babyhead District just north of the city of Llano.




Joseph F. found these nuggets while dredging in the Guadalupe river near Kerrville. This is an unusual find for Texas, nevertheless, that is some awesome gold!





This gold was found by Rob Goreham while dredging at Long's in the main river. Rob now lives in California and runs dredging tours. His business is called "49er Mining Supplies" and there is a link to his site on our "Links" page.    





Check out that nice pile of chunky gold. Randy Asterman of San Antonio accumulated most of this gold by grinding rock from Long's. He used a home-made rock grinder he designed and built. Randy is currently working up a free PDF version of his plans and will be available soon.