March 2005 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

The meeting started at 6:10 pm at our regular meeting hall. 

Daniel Klepac started off the meeting by thanking those who attended the Ft. Worth Gold Show. Our booth was very successful. We made $613 selling $1 tickets for the 35lb bag of dirt from Thermal City Gold Mine. A Blue Bowl Kit and a set of classifying screens were donated by Frank and Mindy Sullivan of Pioneer Mining to our chapter. Gold jewelry was donated by Lucy of Friedl’s, also. Our booth made a total of $1323.18 after deducting the Saturday night dinner for everyone who attended and worked the booth.

Katy Wallace reported that the club had a balance of $1916.20.

Daniel and H.D. Hinson have visited several landowners that responded to our ad that was placed in the Llano newspaper. Only one property had all the necessary ingredients for an outing. It was decided to hold this outing April 16th and 17th. The location would be on Butch Hudkins property 8 miles north of Llano. Daniel, Kevin Green, H.D. and Janet Hinson went out to the property and visited with the landowner. There will be 4 gates to negotiate to get in. Daniel asks for volunteers to help with the gates. Kevin will work on the e-mail announcements and signs/flyers. Members from the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society have expressed an interest in attending.

Daniel and H.D. went and visited Malcom Long. There were some inconsistencies with pricing that has now been cleared up. The cost to prospect for one day is now $20 for men and $10 for wives. The price is for members of the GPAA and it allows full access to the property, including fishing and arrowhead digging. It was also decided that if members came in at noon on Friday and left at noon on Sunday would only be charged for 2 days. As always, Malcom can set or change his mind at any time. Members should be prepared for any changes. Daniel and H.D. also visited a Bed & Breakfast property in Kingsland, who also responded to our ad. The property has no camping facilities, so it was decided to pass on holding an outing there.

Two new Chapters have started in Texas since the February Gold Show. Join us in welcoming the Wichita Falls and Conroe Chapters.

Grady Wallace suggests that the club consider purchasing a small enclosed trailer to house and transport the club’s prospecting equipment and supplies. He would like to get that stuff out of his garage and make it more accessible to other members in his absence. He has located a trailer in excellent shape for $1000. All club members agree that this is a good idea. Bill Stalvey makes a motion to purchase said trailer, Claude Dotson seconded the motion. The club voted to purchase said trailer, unless it’s size was determined to not meet our needs.

Daniel announces that Jarrell, Tx will have a Family Day in June. He suggests that we set up our panning trough at the festival. More to follow in upcoming meetings.

There were no prizes available for our regular “fund raiser”.

The meeting adjourned at 7pm.

Tonight’s theme was Movie Night. Kevin brought the big screen and projector and the group watched Dave McCraken’s Modern Gold Mining Techniques. Popcorn and drinks were served during the movie.