October 2004 Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

The Lone Star Dutch Oven Society presented tonight’s workshop on how to cook with Dutch Ovens. They cooked several items including chili, cornbread and cake. Samples were offered to members at the end of the presentation. There were 29 total member attendees and the meeting was held outdoors in an informal atmosphere. Our sincere thanks to the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society for the very informative and tasty workshop.

The workshop/meeting started about 6 pm.

New members were identified and introduced:

Ron Light

Tonight’s meeting was very informal and mainly focused on the workshop. Kevin Green showed the group the new ID card that he will provide for the chapter members. He will also work on updating the website and will have the flyer for the Fund Raiser prizes ready by the next meeting. The Board Members and others discussed lowering the cost of the Fund Raiser tickets. They will now be sold at $1 a piece instead of $5.

The Board members and a few remaining members met after the workshop to discuss new business. The remaining group consisting of the Board Members, H.D. Hinson, Janet Hinson, Paul Kirk, Vera Kirk, Ron Pottberg, Roland Schneider, Bill Stalvey, Karen Stalvey, Joe Riccardelli and Ron Light (there may have been a few others, it was dark) took a vote to remove Earl Theiss as Claims Chairman. He has not been to any of the meetings since being voted in at the last elections. Paul Kirk asked if there were any objections to the removal and none was given. Grady asked for a show of hands and the vote was unanimous to remove Earl. Daniel Klepac asked for a motion to elect H.D. Hinson as our new Claims Chairman. Grady seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous. Congratulations to H.D. on his new role. Since the next scheduled meeting for November occurs right before Thanksgiving, the group decided to move it to the first Saturday in December. That day will be the 4th. It was decided that the workshop theme will be “Family Night” and all members are encouraged to bring family members. We will start the meeting earlier, possibly around 4 pm, and have a potluck dinner and a “White Elephant” Christmas Event. Members planning to participate should bring a $5 or less “gag gift”. Rules for the event will be covered before it begins. We plan on having bar-b-cue pits set up and horseshoes and other outdoor activities. This will be the last meeting scheduled for 2004. H.D. Hinson is already working on the location of our next outing, with details to be explained at the next meeting.

Door Prizes

  1. 10” black pan and scoop – H.D. Hinson
  2. Plastic GPAA coffee mug – Con Sweet
  3. Porcelain GPAA coffee mug – Bill Stalvey
  4. 14” gold pan with a cleanup kit – John Brueckner
  5. 14” gold pan and scoop donated by Billy Caldwell – Ron Pottberg
  6. Plastic GPAA coffee mug – Ron Pottberg (re-donates) – Laurie Klepac
  7. Gold ore chunk from the Myrtle Mine in Red River, New Mexico donated by Daniel Klepac – Janet Hinson
  8. Bag of stone ground corn meal donated by Janet and H.D. Hinson – Ron Pottberg
  9. Plastic mini sluice with accessories – Con Sweet

 The informal meeting adjourned about 8:30 pm.